Peter Barton

Peter Barton earned an M.F.A. from Yale Drama, three Emmy nominations; three CINE Golden Eagles, first place at American Film Festival, Action For Children’s Television Award, gold medal at the International Film & TV Festival;
Edward R. Murrow Award for ”Names Can Really Hurt Us”, a CBS/World of Difference TV special still used widely in the classroom to combat prejudice and promote conflict resolution.

His work has also appeared on HBO and Showtime; “Hatebusters”, his WNET public service spots, in which young people rap, rhyme, and speak out against prejudice, were syndicated nationwide; taught film production and writing at Bennington, Columbia, and Brooklyn College. He is currently teaching video production at NYU, which he first taught at NYU with Marty Scorsese when Oliver Stone was a student.

Dial Press published Peter’s non-fiction book of portraits of unrich, unfamous actors, musicians, and dancers, “Staying Power,” illustrated with his photographs; poetry published in Saturday Review and the New York Times; “A Hustler’s Story,” done for Covenant House, reached more markets nationwide than any drama in the history of one-shot, independent syndication.

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