“Cries” Full Credits

CAST Zoe Weizenbaum Narrator Alanna, Brendan and Cailin Chan Brenda Hom Julie Hong Ryan and Jasmina Lee Sora Suzuki CREW Peter Barton Director/Producer/writer Andy Mannle Associate Director Mike White Associate Producer/Fundraiser Peter Barton Camera/Editor Reza Jacobs Music Director Rudy Van Daele Gymnastics Supervisor Gina Freedman Make-up Artist

Cries from the Maelstrom: Background

Cries from the Maelstrom grew out of a lifelong interest in peace and disarmament. My father devoted a substantial portion of his life to anti-war advocacy and my brother Dave has worked for peace throughout his career, beginning back when he and his wife ran a rehabilitation center for amputees in … Continue reading

The Suicide Auditions

We are currently finishing a digital narrative feature The Suicide Auditions.  It was recently named Best Narrative Feature at the Georgetown Film Festival, developed using the same improv process and our last project, Moondance. It profiles the ghost town of Niagara Falls NY, now more attractive to suicides than honeymooners, and three young people … Continue reading